Serena Williams claims that her tennis career will be “evolving away.”


According to Serena Williams, she plans to “evolve away” from tennis.

When asked if she planned to stop playing tennis, Serena Williams responded that she would be “developing away” from it after the US Open.

The 23-time Grand Slam singles winner from the United States wrote for Vogue that she does not like the word “retirement” and that she is moving toward “other things that are essential to me.”

She stated that “the countdown has begun” in an accompanying Instagram post.

Williams made her singles comeback at Wimbledon in June following a protracted injury layoff that had sparked rumours about her retirement.

She claims that later in August, at the US Open, where she has won six of her major singles championships, she will compete.

Williams is second all-time

Williams is second all-time in major singles titles won, behind Margaret Court’s 24. She has won more major singles titles than any other female player during the Open era.

What you mean, I understand. The fantasy is good. But I’m not looking for a formal, last-chance on-court moment.

“I am the absolute worst at saying goodbye. But know that I am more appreciative of you than I can ever put into words.”

She defeated Spain’s Nuria Parrizas Diaz on Monday to advance to the second round of the National Bank Open in Toronto, earning her first singles victory in 14 months.

Williams writes in the lengthy article that she has “resisted to admit to myself or anybody else that I have to move on from playing tennis.”

It’s as if something isn’t real until you say it aloud. As soon as it surfaces, a strange knot forms in my throat, and I begin to cry.

I wish I had the same enthusiasm and anticipation for retirement as the many folks I know.

Along with six US Open medals and three French Open crowns, Williams has won the Wimbledon and Australian Open singles tournaments seven times each.

At age 17

At age 17, she won the US Open in 1999, her first major championship.

While eight weeks pregnant with Olympia, she won her last Slam championship at the 2017 Australian Open.

The prospect of giving up tennis, according to her, brings “no happiness.”

“I detest it. I dread having to stand at this decision-making point.

I’m torn: I don’t want it to be over, but I’m also prepared for what comes next.

Williams returned to the sport during maternity leave and reached four major finals despite nearly dying during childbirth with Olympia. She misplaced them all, leaving her only one shy of Court’s record.

She writes in her article about wanting more kids, saying: “I definitely don’t want to get pregnant again while competing in sports.

I have to be two feet into or two feet out of the tennis court.

“I did it, and you can, too.”

Throughout her career

Throughout her career, Williams has drawn packed stadiums and ardent fans, making her one of tennis’ most recognisable stars.

She and her older sister Venus are widely credited with transforming tennis, motivating present-day players, and advancing gender equality.

Expecting the best from myself and proving people wrong, according to Williams, is the “essence of being Serena.”

“There were so many games I won because I was enraged by something or because someone counted me out. That got to me, “said she.

Williams, who is listed by Forbes as the highest-paid female athlete of all time, has recently entered the business world by founding a venture capital firm.

She is also a member of a group that contributed money to the National Women’s Soccer League season’s new Los Angeles-based women’s team.

“I don’t particularly enjoy considering my legacy. I frequently get questioned about it, but I never know exactly what to say, “Added Williams.

They have the ability to play aggressively and fist pump. They are both beautiful and powerful.


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