Photos of the car First Atlantic Bank ‘Boss’ bought for his side chick


After Debby’s writ of summons to Mr. Kwasi Nimako was leaked online by an anonymous person thought to be from the hardcore sidechick camp, more and more details keep coming out.

Buying a 120,000 Honda Civic, renting a 2-bedroom apartment, and giving yourself a GHC 3,500 allowance every month just to sleep with a woman when you already have a wife?

Debby was enjoying her sugar daddy’s kindness using his car and living in the apartment he rented for her.

So, the story goes, Mr. Kwasi Nimako, who is the CFO of First Atlantic Bank, bought Debby a Ghc 120,000 Honda Civic so she could move around easily and get to work more easily.

He had also rented her a two-bedroom apartment in Accra and given her a monthly allowance of Ghc 3,500.

The Ghc 3,500 didn’t seem like enough money for Debby, so she looked for other ways to make more money.

Below is a picture of the Honda Civic car that Mr. Kwasi Nimako, the first CFO of Atlantic Bank, bought for Debby and then took back.






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