Ja Morant in it again

Ja Morant in It again


Ja Morant Suspended for another Possible Gun Flashing Video

Ja Morant, the guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, has been suspended once again as the NBA examines another video where he seemed to display a gun on social media.

The 23-year-old Morant was captured on an Instagram Live video on Saturday, allegedly waving what appeared to be a firearm while riding in a car with a friend. Screen recordings and screenshots of the video circulated on social media, drawing attention to Morant’s previous instances of similar behavior that resulted in missed games and financial penalties.

The Grizzlies released a statement on Sunday morning acknowledging their awareness of the video.

“He has been suspended from all team activities while the League conducts its review,” the Grizzlies stated. “We have no additional comments at this time.”

Since the Grizzlies did not advance to the NBA Finals, Morant’s recent suspension will not result in him missing any games. As of now, there has been no response from Morant’s representative regarding this matter.

Back in March, Morant received an eight-game suspension after he was observed holding a gun at a nightclub during an Instagram Live session. This suspension reportedly led to Morant losing over $600,000 in salary.

Upon facing the consequences of his actions, Morant issued a statement through his representation, expressing his full responsibility and acknowledging the need for help. In an interview with ESPN in March, Morant extended his apologies to his team and family, recognizing his “bad decision.”

During that time, Morant clarified that the gun did not belong to him and emphasized that he does not support violence. Despite that, he took full accountability for his actions, acknowledging the negative image he had portrayed due to recent mistakes. Morant expressed his determination to show his true character in the future.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver criticized Morant’s conduct in March, describing it as “irresponsible, reckless, and potentially very dangerous.” Silver also emphasized the significant impact of Morant’s actions, given his large following and influence, particularly among young fans who admire him.

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